Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd

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Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd was established on 19th April 2001 with a  initial paid up capital of RM 300,000.00 and subsequently   increased to  RM 1.0 million is a licensed private agency under section 3 of the Private Agencies Act no. 27/ 71 and holds a private agency license No. 008103 issued by Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia. The company is 100% wholly owned by Bumiputra and also a registered Bumiputra contractor with the Ministry Of Finance, Malaysia.

To meet the increasing demand from the commercial and industrial sectors for the services of security company, Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd,  in the short period, has managed to bring about changes necessary in establishing itself as one of the main service oriented and customer priority based companies in the security industry.

Backed by 20 years of collective working experience and supported by the highly skilled professionals in various field of security management background and complimented by the presence of ex-military and police personnel and the commitment of men and women who have had prior working experience in other security companies in the service industry is able to provide a reliable, dependable and disciplined security service.

Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd, strives in achieving security services and managerial excellence by providing high quality, most functional, efficient and cost effective security solutions to meet customer requirement and satisfaction.


To provide a quality services and performance efficiency, and are committed to give the best service to our clients and are prepared to accept constructive criticism to improve our services.



To be the best service provider,  professionally managed and profitable company in the security industry.



Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd

Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd

Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd Sejahtera Security Sdn Bhd